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Recently, during an interview for CinemaBlend, Henry Ian Cusick, also known as Desmond Hume for the fans of the show, talked about what death was most devastating for him. As the fans may know, Charlie Pace and Desmond had a great friendship so for that, Ian said that Charlie’s death was the one that really changed everything for his character:

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The actor Naveen Andrews, known for his role as Sayid Jarrah, was recently interview for The Verge. On the interview, he mentioned his work on LOST. Check out below:

As an actor, how do you put together a character when you don’t know his true motivations or intentions?

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On April 6th, during the season finale of the show ‘Colony’, the actor Josh Holloway joined Twitter for a live-tweet, where he answered not one but multiple questions about the show, the cast, and his experience on Hawaii.

He also talked about what would it be like if Will (Colony) was friends with Sawyer (LOST). Both characters played by him.

Here are all the tweets where he talked about the show:

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As many of us must know, on the season 3 of LOST they presented us with the theory that the island had a volcano. The volcano was actually going to be used as the main idea of the season 6 finale but due to money issues, they weren’t able to do it. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, producers and co-creators of the show talked a lot about this theory:

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Early this week, the actor François Chau, known to us as the head of Dharma Institute, “Pierre Chang”, was interviewed by Splice Today and he talked a lot about the production of LOST, discussed his experience making the show, its legacy, and the possibility of a reboot. Here’s our favorite parts:

ST: Do you have any particularly fond memories of working with those people?

FC: I had a great time with everyone, particularly Jorge Garcia and Ken Leung. We still try to hook up whenever we’re in the same city.

ST: Do you think Lost could or should ever be rebooted?

FC: I don’t see any kind of reboot in the near future. Any attempts to re-do a classic never seem to work.

As many of the actors have already said, a re-do wouldn’t be a good idea for LOST since it had it’s closure on the end. You can read the rest of the interview here, where he talks about his experience on set, what he thinks of his character and much more.

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