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The interviewer asks if Evangeline sees relation between the character Kate Austen and The Wasp. All though she has never seen the similarity, she thinks that Hope Van Dyne would be more alike Tauriel.

In a recent interview for ComicBook, Evangeline Lilly compared the endings of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘LOST’. To the actress, the LOST ending was way more controversial, while Avengers: Infinity War only devastated people.

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With so many shows coming back with new seasons – “The X Files”, “Gilmore Girls”, etc – we all feel like an inevitable reboot of LOST will happen. Damon Lindelof, one of the creators of the show feels it too. On a latest interview for TVLine, he talked about what he would like to see if there was really a reboot.

“I’ve thought about it a lot,” “[I] hope that when that happens, whoever is doing it, doesn’t take the characters from the original Lostand put them in the new one. Because we worked so hard to end that show and to give [the survivors] some level of closure. I know there was some debate as to whether or not there was enough closure…”

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On a latest interview for ‘TV Insider’ the Executive Producer for our favorite show, ‘LOST’, spoke up about how he likes “to make shows with big stakes”. Carlton is well-known for his works such as Colony, Bates Motel and The Strain. According to TV Insider and Carlton Cuse, Lost, which made him a household name, “was an adventure show with science fiction.”

Here is what Cuse said about ‘LOST’ and it’s production:

“Everything worked perfectly in Lost,” Cuse says. “We had alchemy in spades, with the right cast [including Matthew Fox, above], a wonderful director and the right location in Hawaii. Our show, an intentionally enigmatic, complicated mystery, came along at the right moment in time, when social media was being born. And we violated traditional rules of network television—that made it fresh and different.”

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Recently, during an interview for CinemaBlend, Henry Ian Cusick, also known as Desmond Hume for the fans of the show, talked about what death was most devastating for him. As the fans may know, Charlie Pace and Desmond had a great friendship so for that, Ian said that Charlie’s death was the one that really changed everything for his character:

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The actor Naveen Andrews, known for his role as Sayid Jarrah, was recently interview for The Verge. On the interview, he mentioned his work on LOST. Check out below:

As an actor, how do you put together a character when you don’t know his true motivations or intentions?

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